What are the next steps to gain clarity on your career move?

April 4, 2018

This is the last and final part in our blog series exploring how tech professionals are stuck in their life and career, what they can do about it and how they can change their lives for the better.


We as human beings often find ourselves confused.


Two days ago, I waited a full 4 minutes for one person in front of me to take a decision on what coffee he wanted to buy at a Starbucks. And then, he ordered – Cafe Latte – with 3 splendas. I did not get angry, not that I am touting my big heart, but I’ve been there.


The confusion that went on in his head is simple – whether you want to buy something you love but has higher calories OR do you want to take something with lower calories but you don’t really ‘love’ it.


We often find ourselves in that struggle – if I have to generalize, it’s the struggle between – ‘Who you are today Vs Who you want to be?’  Sound familiar?


It’s the same old same old confusion that strikes us time and again. I have a simple solution for it. Remember ‘Resistance’. Resistance is a crook that tries to keep you at your present and doesn’t want you to move forward.


The only way to dissolve that resistance is to slowly move forward – NO MATTER WHAT.


The next time you are stuck between ‘Who you are and who you want to be’ – Go with the decision that will resoundingly announce to your brain that you are moving towards becoming the person who you want to be.


Oh my god, I can’t drink my Triple Chocolate Macchiato anymore? Well you can, if that’s who you want to be. If you don’t – get your a** moving and do the right thing. Else, you’ll think about it when you go to bed and constantly judge how bad a person you are that you cannot resist a damn coffee. And that is a miserable state to be in.


It’s the same confusion with switching a job.


“On one side there is so much hope that you can be doing much more and earning much more than you do today, on the other side you question whether you can really do it and succeed. You always hear those two opposite voices, get stuck between these two opposing forces. Remember, This is called the disorienting dilemma. You cannot move forward until you have that clarity in the direction you truly want to move forward”


Why should you be clear?


  1. Clarity gives you ‘one destination’ to put your effort towards. The moment you have one destination, the odds of success increases dramatically.


  1. Clarity gives you peace by aligning the rest of the possibilities behind. It puts your mind at ease to know that you already considered all other options and chose this because this is better than the others and you are willing to compromise on others.


  1. Clarity gives you a helping hand when you fall. Any option you choose is going to have its obstacles and failure points. If one is not clear, it is certain that – he/she is going to give up at the sight of the first obstacle. Clarity tells you – there is no other way, get up and start running again.


There are two very important ingredients that need to be in place to be able to pursue any change, anything new.


  1. Having clarity in your mind on what is the destination we are going after.
  2. Having clarity in your mind why you are going after that.


Anyone who does not have these two questions answered has an 80% probability that they may give up in any worthy endeavor in between. So, if there is one thing, just one thing we want to do to be able to get what we want – our first call to action should be to gain that Clarity.


What are you doing today to gain that clarity? Leave your answers in the comments


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