Should I stay with my company or Should I leave? How would I know?

April 4, 2018

Following up on our last blog, today we will get to the heart of the problem. One which bothers millions of people and keeps them awake late at night.


This is a typical conversation which goes in the minds of many, and you will relate to Nick.


Nick sounds frustrated, ‘‘I know I am stuck and I need to make a change. I want to move to a different job or I want to just grow in my company, I want to be a manager, I want to try being an independent consultant.. And…. As you know… I am from the UK – I want to get my damn green card! I just have too many choices and I don’t know what I need to do…’


The moment we identify we are stuck and feel elated that finally we have a new awareness about something that we did not realize until yesterday, we get confronted with the next big question. What next??


And the usual answer to that question is – Too many.


‘There are usually too many options to choose from and we run round and round and round and never get anywhere’


This is the second most important problem most tech professionals struggle with. This phase is what we call ‘The Maze phase’. You can go in circles and it can paralyze you.


Most people decided to stay within the maze and die there because they never figured out how to get out.  


Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. This phase will take some effort. But here are a few principles that we need to be aware of to get out of the maze.


Principle #1 – The path that works for your friend may not work for you


This is a custom maze, built exclusively for every individual. What that means is, the path that your friend followed may not work for you.


You got to figure out your own way out. And that’s a good thing! Because life will throw many such mazes and it’s important to gain this skill of how to get out of your own maze.


Principle #2 – Being confused is a prerequisite


If you have too many career options in your hand and you are totally confused – stand up, raise your two hands and shout – ‘I’ve arrived’ Because in this process, confusion is not a bad thing.


Confusion is a prerequisite to clarity. Of course nobody wants to stay there for too long, but don’t resist it, invite the confusion knowing fully well that the other side of the confusion many important answers are waiting for you.


Principle #3 – Your solution will require some sacrifice and some compromise


Many people get stuck trying to pull together two horses that are trying to run in the opposite direction. For e.g. I had a friend in the US who wanted to stay in the US and give his son to have a great education in the US, but he also wanted to run his family business in India. We wouldn’t get everything we want.


The key to getting that clarity is understanding what is that we can let go and what is that we cannot let go.


Alright, so let’s talk about how would we know whether to stay in your company or leave?


Follow up topic: What are some ‘Not-so-obvious’ reasons we get stuck?


To clearly know whether you want to stay with the company or leave, we need to understand what is that we are looking for and understand some deep emotional needs we all have. We don’t talk about such things much in our professional life, we will take a deeper dive in our next blog. 


P.S if you have missed our earlier blog wherein we discussed The #1 reason 7 out of 10 tech professionals fail in their careers.