The #1 reason 7 out of 10 tech professionals fail in their careers

April 4, 2018

I will get to the meat directly, but before that, I just wanted to let you know. For the next couple of days, we’d be sending in super value to you through 6 part blog series. Each one will get you closer to understanding your career, passion and life goals.

It was just a couple months ago when I was talking to my friend Nathan Eckeland over a drink when he started the topic – ‘My company has become stagnant, I feel stuck and I am feeling more and more pissed off every day’.


I did not react, I just looked into his eyes and waited for him to tell me more. I’ve been there, I fully, thoroughly and deeply understood his feelings.


‘I’ve been going through this for some time now..’ Nathan slowly continued…


‘How long has that ‘some time’ been?’


‘Ahhh… I don’t know when it really started, but you know, earlier in my career, there were many growth opportunities around and I was always looking forward to something. But for the past 2 years – I couldn’t bring myself to be the real me. How much ever I work, my boss seems he doesn’t care, my company doesn’t care, it’s the same old s***, it’s getting mundane. I feel nobody gives a damn anymore’


That is a conversation that happens thousands of times every single day among young, bright tech professionals. And if you are someone that works in the IT services industry, you know exactly what I am talking about. Unbelievably, 7 out of 10 people have some flavor of this exact reaction after the first few years in their job.


What’s really wrong?


Too many people think that their boss or team lead or company should’ve given them the opportunities they deserve. And when they don’t get those opportunities they often come to one of these two conclusions:

  1. There aren’t many opportunities
  2. There is a bias or a conspiracy by my boss and he/she doesn’t see my full value


That is like saying, I am playing golf and I am struggling because there aren’t as many holes on the golf course for my ball to land when I make my shot. Or, every time I hit a ball, there is a conspiracy by the organizers that they give me a slot that is windy and the other guys are favorites for the organizers. It’s just ridiculous to think that way!


Here’s the truth. Pay attention to this because most people are unaware of this and that’s what kills their career. Ready? Here it goes:


You are experiencing the first signs of being STUCK.


Whenever anyone starts to experience this monster, their default mode is to blame the boss, blame the company, blame the customer and blame the janitor.




Just admit – ‘I am starting to get stuck’. That’s the single best realization you could’ve ever had.


The best professionals who have had tremendous success in their lives all have one thing in common. They recognize they are getting stuck faster than others do.


‘Everyone gets stuck. Most successful tech professionals are the ones, who recognize they are getting stuck – faster than others do’


Oh boy, so, what are the other symptoms? 

  1. You have not had an exceptional performance review in the past 3 years
  2. You have talked about your promotion with your boss and your boss told you – ‘You are absolutely on the list, and here are the things you got to work on… ‘
  3. You get ‘Sunday night blues’ on all nights. Everyone is scared of Mondays, but if every day feels like Monday – you are experiencing a symptom!
  4. You see your friends’ updates on LinkedIn and you start feeling bad about it.
  5. You start avoiding company parties and team gathering.
  6. You hesitate to ask for help from others in your team.


These are just a few symptoms, and this is not an exhaustive list but you see the pattern.


What can you do about it?


As previously said, The first step is to recognize it.

Next, you have to ask some important questions.

  1. Our needs and wants in our life changes constantly based on the season of our life. What is the need that is currently not being satisfied by your job that you are craving to satisfy?
  2. Who are the people around me that I can be associated with who are also going through the same process?
  3. What new learning I can go through to get myself out of this situation?


As my mentor Paul Martinelli would put it –

‘Being stuck is like having a cancer in your career. The sooner you diagnose it, the easier it is to address it’


If you are still interested in hearing more about this, watch out for our next series of awesome blogs on this subject, we will give you a brand new perspective on your career and your future! Wishing you the very best!



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