The story behind

"What makes some people do extraordinary things and some others don’t?"

Several years ago, it started as a small spark in the heart of a 16 year old. He was from a humble beginning in rural India, trying to find his way out to succeed and explore what can be done differently?

Skills, Education, Network, Money, Luck, Hard work – all play a part. But there was something much more fundamental behind each one of these. It was the ability to ‘Change’. The ability to change one’s thinking – their mindset. Skills, Education, Network etc. are all by-products of that change.

We believe in one fundamental truth. Outer results cannot happen without inner change. And Inner change is the most important struggle that we all as human beings deal with every single day. The easiest way to change the world is to help one human change just one thing inside and he or she will know how to change everything else.

We simply call it – Transformation. These transformational movements start small, but they always end up changing the world forever.

That spark took 16 more years to burn, when this simple truth was understood, Winspire was born - to help people change and grow, faster and easier.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where trust and cooperation is the norm, people come before profits, good leadership, high performance and growth is the way of life.

The world will always be moved forward by a small number of people.

This small group will help people around them dream big, more dreams will come true. They will help Ordinary people to overcome their fear and go on to create great companies and become great leaders. They are the agents of change, and they will also use Technology to help them in their mission.

Winspire is the company that will accelerate and expand their impact, and make the world a better place through building better humans!

Our Mission

To create real learning, real change and real results – in areas of their life people care so much for, and make their lives happier.

We focus on real life change in Mindset, emotional intelligence and professional influence by connecting awesome content creators & coaches through a social technology platform with companies and individuals that believe in developing their human potential.

What we do?

We put powerful and easy to use technology in the hands of training companies and coaches, to create their own personalized app – not just to teach, but create real change.

Inspiration behind our name


Sometimes very ordinary people end up doing extra ordinary things. We want to create that transformational wins by inspiring people. So our name reflects these two threads of winning and inspiring in it.

Meet our team!

The brains and hands behind Winspire

Vinodh Jeyaraj

Founder & CEO

Radu Sabo

Product designer

Suresh Kandan